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About Me︎︎︎

LATER is group UI/UX project created in collaboration with Dhruvi Mehta, Nitya Dhingra, and Stella Huang.

Sharing memories with friends and family should not be a chore. We wanted to solve the issue of sharing images over AirDrop when you and your loved ones are supposed to be enjoying the moment, or being bombarded the next day with texts that say “can you send the pictures from last night?” Our aim was to create an app that simplifies the media sharing process after events, gatherings, trips, or parties by streamlining the photo sharing process and archiving memories in an organized manner to create a meaningful user experience, all in a single application.

View our Figma Prototype︎︎︎

We began by conducting a number of interviews with users, primarily Gen Z and Millenials, which we felt were our target audience. We also created a number of different moodboards and low fidelity prototypes to present to potential users. Questions we asked included the following:

  • How do you share pictures with your friends?
  • What’s the most frustrating thing when sharing photos with others?
  • Which of the following design directions do you personally gravitate towards the most?
  • What feature from these screens stands out to you the most?
  • Is there anything, in particular, you find confusing about these screens?

After conducting our research, we were able to streamline our goals and value proposition for this app with the end user in mind. We summarised our goals in two main points:

  • We want to create something that streamlines the media sharing process after events, gatherings, trips, or parties by not only creating something that is practical, but also fun.
  • The impression that we would like others to have is that this app is not only a practical tool to share images of events with the people who were there, but also as something that one can look back on as a memory archive.

From here onwards, we went straight into the flows, designs, and prototypes. 

Prior to this project, I had limited experience with UI/UX design. The team I worked with was collaborative and close-knit, and we consistently shared our thoughts and critiques with one another, despite all of us still learning and understanding the basics of designing a product from scratch. This was definitely a challenge and a steep learning curve for all of us.

With the knowledge I have now, there are a number of changess I would make to this app, including tweaking some of the visuals for better consistency, and creating a more guided experience for first-time users that would help to create a more overall and complete experience of the app.